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Welcome to Xaerus Performance Fluids


Xaerus Performance Fluids International offers the highest quality lubricant development and manufacturing with leading global engineering and technical service. The products manufactured are among the highest quality, best performing industrial lubricants available.

Xaerus Chemists and Engineers are recognized globally as experts in the development and application of the most advanced and reliable lubricants by compressor OEMs and design engineers.

Commitment to Innovation

Xaerus technology and customer connectivity are ever-evolving to continually create value for the customers we serve. Whether it is a new product to solve a difficult problem, a creative packaging solution, or a regional supply, we are committed to pursuing perfection relentlessly.

Core Ideology

  • Deliver superior products to the market with a high velocity that creates value for our customers.
  • Provide market-leading technical expertise to our customers.
  • Customer-focused innovation and creative solutions that will create value and assure our customers’ success.


Commitment to Excellence

Xaerus is committed to providing the highest quality, best-performing products possible to all customers. This is backed by a committed staff dedicated to the advancement of lubrication technology, customer service, and a commitment to our customer’s success.

Our Product Quality

Xaerus provides the highest quality specialty products. All raw materials are carefully tested during development to assure final product consistency and to ensure they meet our high-quality standards.

In-house QC and ISO 9001:2015, standards assure quality is never compromised.  Our facility utilizes dedicated stainless steel base fluid-specific blend systems to eliminate cross-contamination.

Our quality system is based on decades of experience in the design, manufacture, and packaging of high-performance products for applications that require long life and protection of multi-million-dollar systems.



Technical Services

Proprietary lubrication formulations – We realize that not all applications are the same. Xaerus creates value by designing specialty lubricants for specific applications and operating conditions.

Application Engineering – Our experienced application engineers have decades of combined experience developing and applying specialty formulationsynthetic lubricants to some of the most demanding applications. Proprietary engineering programs and tests we developed can model and predict performance in a variety of applications. OEMs and system packagers rely on our lubricant expertise to design and build their own systems to assure optimal performance and reliability.

Xaerus customers supply us with their gas analysis and operating conditions and any other special requirements for the application. Xaerus chemists and engineers calculate the dilution of the lubricant by the gas, determine if there are any potentially reactive or corrosive components and recommend our lubricant that is best suited for the application taking any special requirements into account. If a current formulation does not exist for an application, Xaerus can custom formulate a product that meets the customer’s needs. Xaerus also calculates the dew point of the gas and recommends compressor operating temperatures to avoid condensation during compression. This recommendation process is a two-way conversation in which the customer actively participates in the lubricant recommendation process to ensure that the lubricant recommended meets all the needs of the application

Lubricant Analysis – Lubricant analysis has become recognized as a critical component of any plant maintenance program. Xaerus Laboratory services have expanded to include state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation to analyze the condition and performance of almost any lubricant. We can design private label programs for OEMS or customers. Available tests are detailed below.

Xaerus chemists and engineers receive input from our customers regarding their application, lubricant, and goals of their oil analysis program. Based on this input, Xaerus recommends meaningful tests, lubricant property limits, and oil analysis intervals. Customers send oil samples for testing. When the oil analysis results are received, Xaerus comments on the results of the tests. When troubleshooting is required, Xaerus provides advice to customers regarding recommended actions that need to be taken to correct the issue. Xaerus receives input on the results of these actions and modifies oil recommendations and oil analysis intervals accordingly.

Private Labeling

Xaerus is a leading provider of private-label lubricants. We partner with global OEMs, packagers, and distributors in several industrial and refrigeration lubricant industries worldwide.  Xaerus combines our product engineering development expertise with our leading manufacturing and global distribution strengths.

Xaerus provides all the required information for privately labeled finished fluids to our partners.  This includes privately labeled GHS-compliant SDS’s, product data sheets, fluid technical data, viscosity-temperature curves, and marketing/sell sheets.

The program also includes lubricant and application training by our expert lubrication engineers.

Safety & Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability

All Xaerus manufacturing procedures, resources, and materials are selected for extended life, recyclability, and biodegradability when required.  Xaerus formulations are conscious of human and environmental hazards.  We are dedicated to producing non-toxic, non-hazardous long-life fluids that reduce waste. For more details please see our Safety & Environmental Sustainability page.

Services and Support

Our experienced team is available to provide technical support, application problem-solving, and oil analysis interpretation for Xaerus’ products and competitors’ products.  We assist you to ensure that the most economical lubricant is being used and recommended for any specific application.


    • Application Engineering

    • Lubricant Selection: Includes dilution analysis for hydrocarbon/refrigeration applications

    • Compatibility Testing

    • Seal Swell Analysis


    • Oil Analysis

    • Private Labeling

    • Lubrication Training

    • Proprietary Lubrication Formulating

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