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Hatco Refrigeration Company

Hatco Refrigeration Company (HRC) is a wholly owned division of Xaerus Performance Fluids Intl. Inc. It was created to provide unique products and services to the Refrigeration OEM and Service markets. Our full service business begins with developing the correct lubricant requirement that will meet or exceed industry standards utilizing the world renowned Hatco POE refrigeration basestock technology that is trusted by the global refrigeration manufacturing industry.
HRC specializes in product development and private label packaging and distribution of the following lubricant technologies
  • POE
  • PAG
  • PAO
  • Alkyl Benzene
  • Low temperature napthenic and hydrocracked paraffinic mineral oils
  • Specialty blends

Bulk fluids are available as are private label containers. We offer a variety of shipping locations and inventory management to reduce lead times.

HRC can develop a private label lubricant analysis program tailored to your application. This is essential to a full service private label lubricant offering and it will be specific to you brand.

Contact us today to discuss how we can develop your full service lubricant program hrcsales@xaerusfluids.com

Hatco Refrigeration Company